Thematic Tour: Trier during Nazism

This city tour is about the darkest chapter in German history. The focus here is on the city of Trier, while at the same time connections with larger events in the Nazi state are repeatedly explained.

We talk about the rise to power of the National Socialists (Nazis), the significance of the Second World War for the people in Trier or the disenfranchisement and persecution of minorities are discussed at selected locations. In particular, the cruel fate of the Jewish citizens is placed in the context of the city's history. In addition to the general description of the anti-semitic measures, the personal fates of the victims in Trier are shown.

By the way

This tour is also for school classes that have already dealt with the topic of Nazism or are currently dealing with it.

Duration90 – 120 minutes
Price150 €
Group sizeUp to 20 people
or a school class
Meeting PointPorta Nigra
How will it be?local-historical