The Classic

After having lived in Trier for many years, we are still fascinated by our city. Roman heritage awaits behind every corner. Many of the most important historical buildings accompany our journey through the city. Of course, we're not just talking about buildings, but also about the stories behind. In addition to Roman history, many stories and anecdotes from other eras are waiting to be told: Medieval Trier with its fortified residential towers, the eventful history of Trier's Jewish community or the power struggle between the citizens and the archbishop.
Our city tours are of course historical, but also rich in anecdotes, entertaining and always relevant to current events.

Duration120 minutes
Price150 €
Group sizeUp to 25 people
Meeting PointPorta Nigra
or as arranged
How will it be?historical
rich in anecdotes
Foreign LanguagesEnglish, French
10 € extra