The Palace Area: A Place of Power

This tour is all about Trier's Roman heyday. In late antiquity, Roman emperors repeatedly resided in our city. Among them were well-known rulers such as Constantine the Great. Powerful emperors demanded a dignified place of representation. Thus the imperial palace was built, of which the Basilica of Constantine, an impressive example of Roman architecture, still remains today. The entire palace area extended to the imperial baths, which still offer exciting surprises above and below ground.

The aim of this tour is to take a closer look at the Roman imperial era in order to establish together that even large-scale imperial building projects do not always have to lead to the planned results. The imperial baths are also a great place to explore Roman bathing culture and other leisure activities.

A short historical excursion into the time of the Electoral Princes can be integrated by visiting the their Palace.

XL-Version: On demand, the tour of the roman palace area can also be extended as an XL version with an additional visit of the amphitheater.

By the way

If you plan to visit several Roman properties, we recommend purchasing the Antikencard.

Duration90 minutes

XL-Version incl. amphitheater: 135 minutes

Price140 € plus entrance fees

XL-Version incl. amphitheater: 170 € plus entrance fees

Group sizeUp to 25 people
Meeting PointBasilica of Constantine
How will it be?historical
Foreign LanguagesEnglish, French
10 € extra